Pedal assistance GoCab bicycle cab

The GoCab bicycle cab is standard equipped with electric pedal assistance. This electric pedal assistance, the Silent system, was developed by our parent company Van Raam.

Electrosystem Silent on the GoCab

The Silent system is a by Van Raam specially developed pedal support for the rehabilitation market. The award winning Silent system is characterized by:

  • The easy handling
  • Individually adjustable cycling behaviour
  • 3 pedal assistance modes + starting aid
  • Cycling forwards and backwards
  • Modern and efficient electronics
  • Very powerful electric motors
  • High quality and safe batteries
  • Extremely reliable system
  • Smart E-Bike
  • Free E-Bike App

Pedal assistance controls

When cycling with pedal assistance, it is important to activate the silent smart display (located on the handlebar). The silent smart display consists of an information screen on the handlebar and a button module. Below, the various buttons and functions are explained.

  • On / off button

Turn the system on or off by pressing the on / off button briefly, located at the bottom left of the information screen. When turning on the system, the lights will automatically turn on. You can turn off the lights by pressing the lighting button at the bottom of the information screen.

silent smart display gocab bicycle cab
  • Support level

The system starts by default in the first support level. Use this level if you want minimal assistance and a high range. You can easily switch between support levels using the plus and minus buttons on the button module. The system has 3 support levels. Pressing the plus button increases the support level by one step, while pressing the minus button decreases the support level by one step. You can switch between different levels as desired. Level 2 will give you more assistance, but will reduce the range. At level 3, you get a lot of assistance and quickly reach higher speeds, but this also means that the range will be lower.

  • Start aid

With start aid, you get system assistance without pedaling. If you operate the start aid while cycling, you receive maximum support from the selected level without exerting any force. You can activate start aid by pressing the bicycle icon on the button module.

  • Information screen

Once the electro system is activated, the information screen is displayed on the Silent Smart Display. This screen provides current bike information, including speed, remaining battery capacity, and the active support level. At the bottom of the screen are the mode screens, which you can switch using the mode button on the button module.

  • Mode button

The mode button is the top button on your button module and is recognizable by the dot on it. Pressing the mode button briefly allows you to switch the information displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can switch between:

  • Range: the estimated range, indicating the expected number of kilometers that can still be traveled. The actual range may vary due to various factors.

  • Trip: the distance traveled since the last reset of the trip meter. You can reset the trip meter by pressing the mode button for one second when the trip meter is displayed.

  • Total: the total number of kilometers traveled with the bike while the electro system was activated.

  • Changing settings

If you want to change settings on your Silent Smart Display, simultaneously press the mode and plus buttons for one second. The settings screen will then open, allowing you to adjust the screen brightness and set the unit of distance and speed to either kilometers or miles.

Reverse cycling with pedal assistance

When the pedal assistance is turned on, it is possible to pedal backwards as well. This is very handy for parking the GoCab, or for turning around easily.
Pedaling backwards is easy to activate: stop the GoCab and pedal backwards, the bike will drive backwards after a few pedaling sessions. Then you brake when you arrive at your desired location. Now you can cycle forward again.

Smart display

GoCab bike taxis delivered before January 1, 2024, are equipped with a smart display. Learn more about information on this display by clicking the button below.

Smart display

Battery and motor on the GoCab

The GoCab is equipped with a Van Raam / GoCab Cube Heavy Li-ion battery of 25 Ah (exact capacity is 24.8 Ah). The extremely high-quality batteries are produced in the Netherlands and last for many charging cycles. There is a 2-year warranty on a GoCab battery with a maximum of 500 charging cycles. The external charging point on the fairing makes it easier to charge the bike without removing the battery.
The motor on the GoCab is the Van Raam VR2F motor of 250 W and 36V. It is a maintenance-free brushless direct-drive motor. Also, the motor is very quiet and has a low power consumption.

Battery and motor on GoCab bicycle taxi

Range of the battery

The range of the battery depends on several factors. When all conditions are favorable, the battery has a range of over 60 kilometers. In less favorable conditions it can be as much as 30 kilometers. 

Comprehensive explanation electrical system

Check out the website of our parent company Van Raam for more information on the Silent syteem.

More information on pedal assistance

Van Raam GoCab E-Bike App

The Van Raam GoCab E-Bike App is a free Smartphone App that you can use while cycling on your GoCab.
What can you do with the Van Raam GoCab E-Bike App for your Smart E-Bike?

  • Can be used as a luxury cycle computer
  • Change bike settings
  • Send SOS message with GPS location to number of your choice
  • View routes cycled
  • View bike information

 How can I use the E-Bike App?

The app can be downloaded for free as 'Van Raam E-Bike' via the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (IOS).

Van Raam GoCab bicycle taxi E-Bike App

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