Van Raam GoCab pedal support display


Smart Display on GoCab bike taxi

Van Raam GoCab pedal support display

Before January 1, 2024, GoCab bike taxis were delivered with the smart display. With this display, you control the electro system. Read more about the smart display in this article.

Operation of the pedal assistance

When cycling with pedal assistance, it is important to activate the smart display (located on the handlebar). The smart display of the pedal assistance system has a number of buttons and indicator lights:

  • On/off button

Turn the system on or off by pressing the on/off button briefly.

  • 1: Support level 1 (Eco)

The system starts by default in this mode. Use this mode if you want minimal assistance and a high range.

Van Raam GoCab pedal support display
  • 2: Support level 2 (Comfort)

As desired, you can switch between the different levels. Level 2 provides more assistance, but you have a slightly smaller range.

  • 3: Support level 3 (Power)

As desired, you can switch between the different levels. In level 3, you get a lot of assistance and quickly reach higher speeds. However, the range is slightly reduced in this mode.

  • Bicycle icon: Launch aid

With launch aid, you receive system assistance without pedaling. If you operate the launch aid while cycling, you get the maximum support from the selected level, eliminating the need to exert any force.

  • Indicator lights

The status of the battery is displayed through the colored indicator lights at the top of the smart display. This indication consists of five green LEDs, with the leftmost one turning red when the battery is almost empty. When the battery is completely empty, the red LED flashes. With a fully charged battery, all five green LEDs light up, and with two green LEDs, the battery is 50% charged.

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