Service & Maintenance

GoCab bicycle cab maintenance

It is important to have your GoCab checked regularly. We offer service and maintenance to customers who have purchased a GoCab with service packages. There are also things you can check yourself.

Semi-annual inspection by GoCab

It is necessary that the GoCab is inspected at least every six months by Van Raam GoCab B.V. to continue to claim the warranty. During the half-yearly inspection the following items are checked and maintained; (parking) brakes, bearings, drive train, frame, electrical system. The first service should be carried out about six months after purchase. In addition, depending on the components, inspection and maintenance will be required at varying intervals. 

Maintenance bicycle taxi for children control by GoCab

Perform your own GoCab maintenance check

As a user of a GoCab it is important to perform regular maintenance checks on your GoCab. It is also possible to have these checks performed by GoCab B.V. When in doubt about components or points of control, please contact GoCab B.V.

Overview monthly maintenance check GoCab

  • Visual check of the entire GoCab for damage

  • Do the brakes work and does the brake lever exert pressure?

  • Is the lighting working?

  • Are all reflectors present and clean?

  • Is the saddle and seat post still secure and does it not come out of the maximum mark?

  • Is the stem and handlebar still secure and does it not come out of the maximum mark?

  • Are the pedals still secure?

  • Are the cranks still tight on the bottom bracket?

  • Tire pressure and visual check

 Overview quarterly maintenance check GoCab

  • Is there no play on the steering head?

  • Is there no play on the fork?

  • Is the brake fluid still at the right level and are there no traces of leakage to be found?

  • Are the brake pads still sufficient?

  • Check the chain tension

  • Check the functioning of the gears

  • Clean and lubricate the chains

Regularly check the tires of the GoCab

It is important to ensure that the condition of the GoCab's tires is good. This will provide better grip, less wear, shorter braking distance, less rolling resistance and a lower chance of punctures. It should not be possible to press the tires with your thumb.
Read on the 'Tips' page how you can check the tire pressure of your GoCab.

Regularly check GoCab tire pressure

GoCab troubleshooting

In case of malfunctions or defects, the bike must be brought to Van Raam GoCab B.V. immediately for repair. Van Raam GoCab B.V. can also pick up the GoCab, please contact us for this.

Report a malfunction

Replacing GoCab parts

Replacement of safety related components (such as frame, brakes, lights, handlebars, fork and drive train) should be performed by Van Raam GoCab B.V. If you want to replace components yourself, then you are responsible for damage or injury resulting from incorrectly mounted components. Use only original GoCab spare parts, these can be purchased from Van Raam GoCab B.V. On request Van Raam GoCab B.V. will provide the necessary information for repair and maintenance.

Childrens bicycle GoCab maintenance parts replacement

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