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Tips for getting the most out of your GoCab

It is important to maintain your GoCab bicycle cab properly. Read some tips and tricks on this page.

GoCab maintenance tips

Check the tires regularly

Considering the possible high total weight of the GoCab when fully loaded with 8 children and driver, it is important to keep the tire pressure high. This also optimizes the range of the GoCab.

It is best to check the tire pressure with a pump with pressure gauge. In general, the tire pressure for a bicycle will be between 4 and 6 bar. Look on the side of the tire to find the maximum and/or recommended tire pressure. Optionally, a bicycle pump and special fluid for better preservation of tire pressure are available as an accessory at Van Raam GoCab B.V.

Also check the profile depth of the tires. This should be at least one millimeter. In addition, the canvas under the rubber should not be visible and there should be no cracks in the tire. Worn tires or any defective parts must be replaced immediately.

See also the overview with all maintenance moments per month and quarter.

GoCab bicycle cab for children tip check tires regularly

Tips for cleaning the GoCab

The frame, seat pan and sail can be wiped down with a damp cloth. For more dirty areas you can use a mild detergent. The wheels can be cleaned with a damp brush with plastic bristles (note: no wire brush!). The saddle and handles can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Do not use a high-pressure or steam cleaner! This can cause water to collect on spots in the frame or spray away grease and lubricants.

Use the parking brake

Always use the parking brake (red lever) when parking and leaving the bike. Also use the parking brake to block the bike when children get on and off.

Always try to park the bike on a horizontal surface. If it is unavoidable that you have to park the bike on a slope, always use the parking brake. The bike should never be parked on a slope greater than 6 degrees.

Distribute the weight over the GoCab

Spread the children well over the GoCab while transporting them. This ensures that the weight is distributed over the GoCab, which makes cycling safer and easier.

Ensure proper weight distibution in the GoCab
Figure: Suggested order of optimal weight distribution. Distribute the children evenly between the left and right side

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