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Request a demonstration

An extensive test drive with a GoCab pedicab is very important, to see if the GoCab fits your needs. Are you interested in a GoCab and would you like to take it for a test drive? Request a demo via our contact form.

Demonstration on location

To see if the Gocab fits the needs of your organization it is possible to try out the bike on location for a few days. The big advantage is that you get an optimal picture of the applicability and use of the bicycle with your own people and children in your own environment. You will be surprised how quickly the bike feels 'familiar' when cycling.

A test ride is completely free of charge. On average, the GoCab is tested for a period of 3-4 (working) days. When you bring it to us, riding instructions are given and when you pick it up, the user experience is evaluated with one of our advisors.

Request a demonstration

GoCab bicycle taxi for children test ride on location

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We are happy to assist you! Please check our contact page or contact us directly using the options below.