Purchasing options

Purchasing options GoCab

There are several ways to finance the GoCab bicycle cab. For example, you can pay the amount of the BSO bike in one lump sum, but it is also possible to rent or lease a GoCab. Read more about the financing options here.

Purchasing a GoCab bicycle taxi

You can buy the GoCab's bicycle cab. You pay the entire amount at once and you are the owner of the GoCab. Through a service and maintenance contract with Van Raam Gocab BV you are also assured of the right adequate help with service, maintenance and repairs.
Check out the pros and cons of buying below.

Renting a GoCab bicycle taxi

It is possible to rent a GoCab for a minimum period of three months at GoCab B.V. It is often possible to extend the rental period in consultation with us. It is also possible to buy the GoCab at the end of the rental period. A part of the rent paid will be deducted from the purchase price of the GoCab. Service and maintenance are included in the rental price, with the exception of repairs due to damage or improper use. 
See the advantages and disadvantages of renting below.

Leasing a GoCab Bicycle taxi

You can also lease a GoCab, this is done through external leasing companies. Leasing has the advantage that it does not require a large investment and that service and maintenance costs are included. With a lease contract the GoCab does not become your own property. A lease contract can be concluded on the basis of 3, 4 or 5 years. Service and maintenance is organized by van Raam GoCab B.V. on behalf of the leasing company. 

Read below advantages and disadvantages of leasing.


Van Raam GoCab B.V. regularly sells young occasions. These cabs are technically in perfect condition and offers buyers with a smaller budget also the possibility to buy a GoCab. An occasion can be financed in all of the above ways. Please contact us for more information on used GoCab bikes.

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