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Driving training and instructions

Upon delivery of the GoCab (for a demonstration or commissioning) we provide driving training. This includes an extensive instruction on the GoCab and it's use. A driving training or obtaining a certificate is not mandatory for the GoCab.


The GoCab is a large child transport bike that needs to be handled with care. When an organization purchases a GoCab, all drivers receive driving training. Everyone who successfully completes the instruction, with driving skills testing, receives a certificate. While a driving training course is not mandatory to ride the GoCab, we do recommend it. The GoCab is used to transport our most precious possession, children. Safety is of primary importance to us, parents and child care providers. 

Driving skills training GoCab bicycle cab

Driving training

Various aspects are covered during the driving training:

  • Intended use

  • A tricycle

  • Position on the bike

  • Turning circle

  • Visibility

Intended use

The GoCab bicycle is intended for transporting up to 8 children on public roads, i.e. on flat and solid ground. The maximum supported speed is 17 km/h. Be careful not to develop too much speed when riding down a slope for example. Plan your route in advance so that you can ride on clear cycle paths as much as possible and avoid participating in fast traffic as much as possible. For example, take a route through 30 km/h zone instead of 50 km/h road.

GoCab bicycle cab for transporting 8 children

A tricycle

The GoCab is a tricycle, which rides differently than you are used to. You sit very stable on the bike and do not have to move in the curves. This takes some getting used to, but it is a lot more comfortable than a traditional cargo bike where your handlebars move in a turn. You can just sit down, focus on the road and turn the handlebars, just like on a 'normal' bike. The turning radius is small, an extra advantage the GoCab bicycle cab offers.
Tip: Leave your feet on the pedals as long as possible, the faster you will get used to a tricycle. With a tricycle, you don't have to put your feet on the ground, you can't fall over.

Position on the bike

The driver of the GoCab sits left of center. This is to give the children more space to get on and off the bike. 


You cannot see the front wheel of the GoCab. Be aware that you can see the farthest point of the bike so that you have a good view of what is happening in front of you. Be careful when riding out of an alley, for example, because the front of the seat fairing is already sticking out of the alley and you may not have a view of traffic yet. Use both mirrors to have a good view to the rear so you are aware of your surroundings and any traffic coming up behind.

bicycle instructions GoCab bicycle cab position on the bicycle

Driving skills - practice

It is good to experience a number of points first before taking the children out on the GoCab bicycle cab. Below are some simple exercises that are covered in the driving skills training. These exercises allow the rider to directly experience how the GoCab bike taxi reacts in real life situations. We recommend performing all exercises with and without occupants. Practice shows that the GoCab bike reacts differently. It is good to experience this.

  • Getting started (shifting, assistance & drive-off function)

  • Emergency stop

  • Turning circle

  • Driving experience

  • Tilt feeling / Curb

  • Reverse driving

  • Pull away with brake

  • Slope (if applicable)

  • Speed (if applicable)

Make a test ride

A comprehensive test ride with a GoCab pedicab is very important. Are you interested in a GoCab and want to make a test ride without any obligation? Then request a demo via our contact form. 

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