Video of the GoCab bicycle cab for children

The GoCab is an electric bicycle cab for transporting 8 children. In this article we introduce you to this practical cargo bike with this video. 

GoCab pedicab product video

The GoCab is an electric pedicab for the safe transport of 8 children and is extremely suitable as a means of transport for guest parents, day care centers and child care centers. Watch the product video to see the different functionalities of the GoCab; such as the starting aid, pedal support, possibility to cycle backwards and the parking brake.

video of the GoCab bicycle cab for kids

Benefits of the GoCab bicycle taxi

The GoCab bicycle has several benefits over a cab:

  • Electric pedal assistance

  • No driving license needed

  • Easy to drive

  • Cheaper than transport by bus/taxi

  • Reverse cycling

  • Very short turning circle

  • Meets all legal (safety) requirements

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Low maintenance and running costs

  • ​Van Raam GoCab E-Bike App

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