GoCab bicycle cab custom made sail


GoCab bicycle cab with a customised undersail

GoCab bicycle cab custom made sail

Did you know that you can buy a GoCab bicycle cab with a customised undersail? Read more about this option and how to purchase a personalized tarp in this article.

Customised undersail for GoCab bicycle cab

A standard GoCab bicycle cab comes with a lime green tarpaulin with the GoCab logo on it. It is also possible to design your own undersail. This gives your GoCab a unique look and is also a great advertisement for your organization. The customised undersail is available as an option for the GoCab.

custom made undersail GoCab bicycle cab

Purchasing a GoCab with a custom undersail

If you want a customer-specific undersail on your GoCab bicycle cab, the team at GoCab is happy to help you design it. We do this by going through the following steps together:

  1. We present a number of examples of customer-specific undersails to the customer.

  2. We agree on which example best suits the ideas and wishes that exist with regard to the customer's personalized undersail.

  3. Together we agree on the information, images, (children's) drawings or logo(s) that should be placed on the undersail and the desired color scheme.

  4. Available EPS files (an EPS is a graphic file made up of vector information) are sent to GoCab.

  5. Based on the requirements, a designer will create 2 digital designs of the tarpaulin.

  6. These designs are evaluated by GoCab and the customer, then a final design is chosen.

  7. If approved, the custom made tarpaulin is printed. The delivery time of the custom made tarpaulin is 4-6 weeks after the order.

GoCab bicycle cab with customer specific undersail

The personalized undersail can be designed according to your own wishes. However, the GoCab logo with kangaroo will remain subtly visible on the undersail. The positioning of the logo is coordinated with the customer.

The cost of a customised tarpaulin for the GoCab

The cost of a custom undersail depends on several factors. Therefore it is best to contact us for more information. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and offer you a completely free quote.

Tip: You can consider finding a sponsor for your GoCab and include the sponsor's logo or name on the tarpaulin.

Cost of a custom undersail GoCab bicycle cab

Customizing an already purchased GoCab with a customer-made tarpaulin

It is possible to replace the undersails of an already purchased GoCab with customer-specific undersail. Please contact us for the possibilities.

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