Adjusted opening hours GoCab

On certain days, such as public holidays, GoCab has adjusted opening hours. Check here all adjusted opening hours for the coming year.

GoCab bicycle cab has adjusted opening hours

Opening hours and accessibility GoCab 2022

During holidays and other special days GoCab is closed or has adjusted opening hours. Check the overview below to see when we cannot receive visitors or give demonstrations or driving instructions.


  • On Good Friday (15 April) we are open
  • On Easter Sunday (17 April) we are closed
  • On Easter Monday (18 April) we are closed

King's Day

  • We are closed on 27 April, King's Day.

National Remembrance Day

  • On National Remembrance Day (4 May) we are open.

Liberation Day

  • On Liberation Day (5 May) we are open

Ascension Day

  • We are closed on Ascension Day (26 May)
  • ​We are closed on the day after Ascension Day (27 May)


  • On Whit Sunday (5 June) we are closed
  • On Whit Monday (6 June) we are closed

In the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) we are closed (as usual).

Website of GoCab pedicab always available

Website of GoCab always available

The GoCab website is always accessible. Through our site you can request a test ride on location, driving instructions or a quotation. If you have any questions you can reach us by sending an e-mail to or by filling in the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. On days we are open you can also call us on +31( 0)315-25 73 74.

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