5 tips for cycling in the cold with the GoCab pedicab

Would you like to get some fresh air during colder temperatures and take a bike ride with the GoCab bicycle cab? Then read this article in which we give some tips for cycling in the cold with the GoCab.

5 tips for cycling in the cold with the GoCab bike cab

Tips for cycling in the cold or with snow

Are you planning to go cycling with the GoCab soon? We give you some tips that can help you when cycling in the cold or with snow.

1. Dress warmly

When you are riding in cold temperatures it is important to dress warmly. This applies to both the driver, and the children sitting in GoCab. For the driver, it is advisable to dress in layers. This has an isolating effect, and the base layer should be able to absorb sweat.

canopy cover and side windows for cycling in cold temperatures with gocab bicycle cab

2. Canopy cover and side windows

The GoCab Comfort is equipped with a canopy and side windows. This keeps the children out of the wind and makes them less likely to get cold. See all specifications on the product page

3. Make sure you have a full battery

It is important to take care of the GoCab's battery in cold temperatures. The battery consumes more energy in cold temperatures and therefore discharges more quickly. For optimal condition and capacity of the battery, we recommend to charge the battery inside at room temperature

in cold temperatures, plan the route in advance with the gocab bicycle cab

4. Plan the route in advance

Before you set off with the GoCab pedicab, plan the route. Are the roads you want to cycle on passable? Also take into account the weather forecast.

5. Be careful

Cold temperatures can be accompanied by poor weather conditions, such as snow and sleet. Therefore, be extra careful and stop or turn around if it doesn't feel right to continue cycling.

More information?

Would you like to know more about cycling with the GoCab during cold temperatures, or do you have other questions? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to help!