Origin of the GoCab electric cargo bike

The GoCab was developed by a consortium of developers, experience experts, designers, and bicycle manufacturers (including our parent company Van Raam) and stakeholders from the education sector. Van Raam took the GoCab into production for the first time in 2010. The bicycle cab could be developed thanks to subsidy contributions from the provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland and 'Europe' (GO-EFRO). The result was the Gelderland Overijssel Cab, today the GoCab bicycle.

In 2010 the GoCab bicycle was a beautiful, green and contemporary solution to the transport problem faced by many childcare organizations. That the GoCab is progressive, inventive, and contemporary is evidenced by the fact that the bicycle cab won several awards. Van Raam Reha Bikes B.V. received the prestigious Eurobike Award from an international jury for the most innovative product related to bicycles. In addition, the GoCab received in 2011 the "Special Award" for good industrial design and in 2012 the "Bicycle Innovation Award".

Producer Van Raam decided in 2013 to focus entirely on adapted bicycles aimed at people with disabilities. The GoCab bicycle cab did not fit into this range anymore, so Van Raam decided to stop the production of the GoCab.

However, in 2018 there again was a lot of demand for the GoCab. Reason for Van Raam to take a serious look at the demand, need and possibilities of a reintroduction of the GoCab bicycle. In July 1, 2020 this resulted in a new company: Van Raam GoCab B.V. A new company purely engaged in the production and sale of the GoCab, providing driving instructions and service around the bicycle cab.

Van Raam GoCab B.V. is located in Varsseveld, the Netherlands at just a stone's throw away from its parent company; Van Raam Reha Bikes B.V.

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