Customer experiences

Many others have gone before you in buying a GoCab. We would like to share their experiences with you to show you what the GoCab has to offer.

Read their experiences below:

"Kidswijs Childcare in Groningen uses two GoCab bicycle cabs. Read their experience here. "

Childcare Kidswijs - Groningen

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"Childcare center Bambino purchased two GoCabs in September 2021. They are very excited about the cargo bikes."

Childcare center Bambino - Erp

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"Daycare Bambi has been using the GoCab for quite some time. Read more about their experience with the bicycle cab here."

Daycare Bambi - Aalten

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"For an outing to the farm, childcare center Avonturijn in Warnsveld used a GoCab bicycle cab as a means of transportation. Read their experience with the GoCab bicycle here."

Childcare center Avonturijn - Warnsveld

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